Kernel Content Studios is a video innovation agency, specialising in creating standout customer experiences using Personalisation and Data-Driven Video.



How personalised video works...

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CRM data
Customer Journey Events
Billing, Onboarding
API integration


Video Production & Dynamic Integration

Bespoke production (live or animated)

Repurposed existing video

Customised video template

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Video Rendering

Personalised videos rendered at scale via cloud-based video factory

Automated output for distribution

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About Kernel

In a nutshell, Kernel Content Studios creates data-driven personalised video content to build deeper, more meaningful relationships between brands and their customers.

Why Personalised Video?


The customer experience is evolving, and personalised video brings together the benefits of mass media and customer data to deliver individual-level video advertising and communications at scale.

How is this useful?


Customers need to be able to make better-informed decisions about their purchases, especially in the realm of financial services. The FCA in the UK is rolling out a regulatory framework called "The Consumer Duty" which ensures that companies are helping their customers fully understand the products and services they're buying into.

Personalised video can bring clarity to these complex products by explaining how they work in a way that's specific to each customer.

Find out more about The Consumer Duty here:


Our clients

We work with a variety of clients and agency partners - from Insurance and Financial Services, to Automotive, Telecommunications and Gaming. Our services are used to give consumers a better understanding of the products and services they're signing up to.

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In numbers


of senior-level executives believe that personalisation is critical to reaching customers


of acquisition costs can be reduced by using personalisation (McKinsey & Co, 2018)


average uplift in CTR compared with generic video (campaign average)


average view through rate, compared with 34% in generic video.


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